There’s no denying that the holidays are indulgent… Large meals,delicious treats, decadent drinks, and more time snuggled up by the fire on the couch. It’s almost impossible to turn down homemade pumpkin pie, and a giant turkey dinner is always better enjoyed in leftover form. After a season of indulgence, many of us feel bloated, uncomfortable, and vowing to never eat again. Our skin will feel dry , dull and can even breakout.

A post-holiday detox is exactly what is needed to reset back to normal.

Amber Spa offers services that will help you keep your body and face in perfect shape.

Detox Massage with cupping this treatment is designed to stimulate the lymphatic system to remove toxins, waste and bacteria while balancing the immune system.

Detox Body Wrap Detox Seaweed Treatment: Full body exfoliation with warm seaweed mask that brings toxins to the surface and removes them from the body.

Detox deep cleansing facial – one of the best ways to get gorgeous, glowing and beautiful skin. Clarifying Fruit Acid Enzyme and Light Therapy included. This facial, alleviates overproduction of sebum, removes toxins and excess oil, oxygenates your skin and repairs damage from a poor diet